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My name is Becca Christina, a graphic designer from Toronto, who is passionate about helping brands reach their full potential.

It all started when my high school counsellor told me I should graduate with a major in graphic design due to all my other art based courses. I didn’t know what design was or how to do it but I leaped in head first. Months and months went by of constantly exploring Adobe’s programs getting more and more intrigued as to what the possibilities were and I couldn’t get enough. I love art through and through, no matter what the medium. I attended a visual arts program in my school, attended every possible art, media and film class I could and spent all my time creating.

Still unsure of what I was going to do, I decided to attend Humber College’s Media Foundations program. This was a program where I was able to fully explore my options in film, graphic design, photography and so much more and is a huge part of why I feel so knowledgeable today. When I completed that program, I realized graphic design was where my heart laid and so I attended and graduated from Humber College’s Graphic Design Advanced Diploma.

Since graduating, I have worked with studios all around the Toronto area from freelance to full time. In addition, I work with local clients looking to take their brand to an elevated level. Hiring me as your designer will assure you that you’ll be working with someone just as passionate about making your business thrive as you are. Your business is your dream so let’s make it better than you’ve ever imagined.





Naming & Tagline
Logo Design & Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Brand Guidelines
Brand refresh


Signage + Marketing Materials


Web Design
Social Media Management
Content Creator





Freelance Graphic Designer at Becca Christina
Sept 2016 – Present

Jr. Graphic Designer at Maverick Graphics Inc.
August 2017 – Present
July 2014 - Sept 2014
July 2012 – Sept 2012

Co-Founder of Lily & Rose Prints
(Coming Soon!)

Intern at Eighty Eight Agency
May 2017 – June 2017

Jr. Production Designer at Global Printing Enterprises
July 2016 – Sept 2016
July 2015 – Sept 2015


Graphic Design Advanced Diploma at Humber College
September 2014 – May 2017

Media Foundations Program (Honours) at Humber College
September 2013 – May 2014

Special High School Major in Graphic Design at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School


Volunteer at RGD’s Design Thinkers 2017

Freelancer for..

Now Creative Group

Nomad Cre8tive

The Branding Boutique