Emily Rose


“Becca was a joy to work with. She was thorough, super efficient, extremely reasonable, and just an all around amazing woman. I highly recommend contacting her if you need anything from stickers to a full blown website. I know I’ll be contacting her again!”


Jake St. Jean


“When I needed someone to help design my branding for an upcoming recital, I knew I could trust Becca with her amazing skills. We worked together to find the right fit for my brand and she provided me with many different options for me to chose from. We eventually settled on the one that is in her portfolio and I couldn’t be happier with the aesthetic. She really captured what I was going for. I originally was only asking for a poster but she came to me with some great ideas to translate the design into other mediums. She created social media posts for me, a printed brochure and a poster which made the project look more professional and well executed”


“I commissioned Becca to design a logo for my website. After rendering a few ideas, I was extremely impressed with her designs and settled on the one that I use today. She has also designed business cards for me as well as offering her professional advice and opinions in the construction of my website. She is very passionate about her projects and it shows in her work. I highly recommend hiring Becca for any graphic design project or ideas you need help on.”

Sarah St. Jean

Client - Owner of Paints & Pastels


“I’m continued to be impressed with the level of creativity and skill Becca displays in the projects she has completed for me. Her eye for detail and ability to create concepts that are different and eye catching are just a few of her many professional qualities as a designer. Becca’s ability to take each project and complete it within the time frame and direction provided is an asset I look for when working with designers. I have worked with Becca in a design firm setting as well as a freelance setting and she continues to showcase her drive and ambition in both settings and create authentic designs that really showcase her style. I look forward to working on many future projects with Becca.”

Jaqueline Simmonds

Client + Co-Founder of Lily & Rose Prints